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Pet Dental Care


We believe that proper dental care play an important part in your "best friend's" well being.  Dental problems can lead to gingivitis and other dental conditions that can threaten your pet's health.  Our doctors perform dental procedures using state-of-the-art equipment and technology to ensure your pet receives the best veterinary dental care available.




Eye Care


Using a state-of-the-art device called a Tonopen, we are able to accurately measure your petís intraocular pressure with this quick, painless procedure.  We use this diagnostic test for glaucoma screening and for detecting conditions such as uveitis and "red eye".



Pain Management Makes

All The Difference


At South Side Animal Hospital, we are committed to ensuring that your pet's pain is kept to a minimum.  We offer pain management treatments that include both injectible and oral pain medications during post operative recovery.  We will take every measure to eliminate your pet's pain and any stress related problems experienced from surgery or treatment procedures.  Our veterinary doctors and staff will treat your pet with the same care and compassion as if your pet were their own pet.


Pet Dermatology Problems


Dermatology and skin disorders can lead to your pet having itching problems, hair loss, skin infections, ringworm, mites, and "hot spots". 

If your pet is constantly scratching, or licking, we'll help you determine the cause of your pet's skin problem and help you with a treatment plan to make your pet more comfortable.


Pet Nutrition


Whether your pet is fighting a weight problem or requires a special diet in conjunction with health care management and treatment, our Staff will counsel you on the many nutritional options that are available to pet owners.


We will also advise you regarding:

  •  Vitamin & Joint Supplements

  •  Weight Loss

  •  Antioxidants & Cancer Fighting Supplements

  •  Constipation and/or Diarrhea Treatment

  •  Prescription Diets for conditions such as diabetes & urinary tract health

  •  Feline hairball control


When It's Time To Say, "Goodbye"  


Losing a pet that has been your loving companion for years, can be the most difficult situation a person can ever confront.  If necessary, we will help your pet to pass without pain and with dignity. 


Our staff offers grief counseling to help you deal with your bereavement.  When it's time to say, "Goodbye", South Side Animal Hospital will be here for you and your pet.



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